Category Managment

Take better & faster data-driven decisions for your brands from 1 to multi-retailers’ data sets

- Make your brand’s sales & marketing decisions relevant at each retailer and do not miss any sales
- Access aggregated markets views to drive both national and regional action plans across retailers & channels
- Collaborate with all teams to improve performance for each SKU, at each store, account by account

Grow Sales & Market Share

Creates new challenges

Multi-retailer POS & sales data integration

Multi-retailer POS & sales data integration

Automatic brands & category diagnostics

Automatic brands & category diagnostics

Online category management analytics

Online category management analytics

Transform Growth Opportunities at Every Store

- Strategic sales trends
- New products follow-up

- Distribution improvements recommendations
- Promotion planning & performance

Assortment Optimization

Machine learning driven

- Segment the customers based on their shopping pattern
- Identify the favorite products for each customer type
- Determine the proportion of customer type by store
- Optimize the assortment

Dynamic Sales Forecast Tool

Customize the insights you need to access

- Unluck Verstatility
- Launch New Products
- Simplifiyng Accessibility

Drive Data Collaboration to Decide and Execute Faster

Provide access to internal teams and retail clients to selected indicators

- Establish a common data-driven language with your retail clients
- Engage distributors and sub-distributors
- Provide mobile-based store details to field teams

Leverage Global Insights from Several Retailers

Score cards

Shopper trends

Promotion evaluation

Automatic data ingestion

Benefits Of Using Ariane

Retail expert solutions

  • Developed by retailers for retail players
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Easy to use without technical knowledge
  • Integration of the automatic merchandise structure

Performing & secured platform

  • CRM and category mangementon the same platform
  • 100% mobile compliant
  • AWS, BigQuery, Microservices architecture integrates all data sources with automated ETL
  • Encrypted databases

Built for collaboration

  • Collaborative sharing with suppliers double segmentation for suppliers
  • User management

Flexible by design

  • Multi retailers
  • Black Box configurable parameters
  • Subscription system
  • Continuous innovation

Considering Putting Category Management As Your Growth Engine?

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