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Like never before with built-in segmentation tools & segment profiling


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Craft Hyper-Personalized Offers

With Customer Segmentation based on any purchase behavior and automated campaign management


With personalized recommendations through Next Best Offer

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Unleash the Power of Deep Customer Insights with Ulys’s Integrated Reporting

Grow Sales & Reduce Churn

Build preemptive strategies to maintain continuous engagement

Cohort Analysis

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing your customer base into distinct groups with similar characteristics and behaviors. This is crucial because one-size-fits-all marketing doesn’t work.

Leverage Multi-Segmentation Options to Implement Data-Driven Strategies

Go Beyond Demographics and See Your Customers in a New Light

From Tactical Segmentation (only 1 shopping behavior) to Strategic segmentation, including industry standards like Customer Switch to never buy, quickly unlock hidden patterns and personalize your offer at scale. Our AI driven engine let’s you segment your customers in minutes.

Delve Deeper With Ulys's Customer Segment Profiling

Segment profiling is the art of creating detail portraits of your customer segments.

We go beyond basic demographics to reveal:

Discover how much each segment spends across different categories. This unveils their spending habits and potential value.

Identify the common items each segment purchases within a category. This allows you to tailor product recommendations and promotions.

Gain a holistic view by comparing segments side-by-side. See how their spending habits, preferred items, and overall value differ.

Gain Unparalleled Insights Unveil the Power of Granular Shopper Analytics

Go beyond basic data.
Gain hyper-focused insights with Ulys's Shopper Analytics.

Unprecedented Depth of Analysis

ULYS’s calculates the margin of every single transaction, providing unparalleled granularity in your profitability analysis.

We don’t just present data in silos. Our solution seamlessly links buying patterns, sales figures, promotions, stores, channels, individual stores, and even specific SKUs (stock keeping units). This interconnected view empowers you to understand the complete customer journey and optimize every touchpoint.

Craft Winning Campaigns Drive Sales & Expand Reach With Ulys

Hypercharge your marketing efforts with Hypertrade's intelligent Campaign Management solution

Targeted Campaigns Made Easy

Leveraging machine learning, Ulys pinpoints the perfect products for each segment, maximizing either basket value or product discovery.

Create targeted campaigns for specific segments with a single action, or set up automated campaigns that trigger based on real-time shopper behavior changes identified by our AI engine.

Seamlessly integrate your campaigns with any communication platform you use, be it web, app, email, or SMS. Hypertrade ensures your message reaches the right customer, on the right channel.

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