Targeted & Automated Campaigns

Targeted Campaigns

Made Easy

Leveraging machine learning, our CRM pinpoints the perfect product for each segment, maximizing either basket value or product discovery.

Create targeted campaigns for specific segments with a single action, or set up automated campaigns that trigger based on real-time shopper behavior changes identified by our AI engine.

Reach Every Customer, Everywhere

Omnichannel Delivery: Seamlessly integrate your campaigns with any communication platform you use, be it web, app, email, or SMS. Hypertrade ensures your message reaches the right customer, on the right channel.

Benefits of Hypertrade Campaign Management

Recommend products that complement existing purchases, increasing average order value.

Introduce new and relevant product to broaden customer horizons and drive sales.

Automated campaigns react to changing shopper behavior, ensuring your messages stay relevant and impactful.

Simplify campaigns creation and delivery, freeing your time to focus on strategy.

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