Segment Profiling

What is Customer Segment Profiling?

It's the art of creating detailed portraits of your customer segments.

Our tool provides you the tool you need to identify:

Discover how much each segment spends across different categories (share of wallet). This unveils their spending habits and potential value.

Identify the common items each segment purchases within a category. This allows you to tailor product recommendations and promotions.

Gain a holistic view by comparing segments sided-by-side. See how their spending habits, preferred items, and overall value differ.

Example of a Category Output

Why is Segment Profiling Important?

By going beyond surface, you gain actionable insights

Recommend products that resonate with each segment’s buying behavior, increasing sales and satisfaction.

Design marketing messages that speak directly to each segment’s needs and preferences, leading to higher engagement.

Stock the right products for your customer base, maximizing sales and reducing dead stock.

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