Promotion Production Workflow SaaS Platform

Plan, Produce & Publish with Lago's All-in-One System

Automated, Multichannel Marketing Production

Seamless Multichannel Marketing

LAGO unifies print and digital marketing efforts with almost 30 years of proven success, offering a reliable platform for every industry.

Efficient Data Centralization

With integrated PIM and DAM, LAGO ensures brand consistency and operational efficiency, streamlining product information management across all channels.

Customizable and Scalable

Designed to meet the unique needs of businesses, LAGO's modular system supports tailored solutions that enhance productivity and grow with your company.

Integrated with your Category Management analytics

Connect Lago with your Category Management Planning & Analytics to improve promotions ROI

Centralized data repository for multichannel publication

LAGO PIM is the central component of LAGO including all product and non-product related content necessary to feed all channels of your multichannel strategy. Besides traditional PIM functionality like product enrichment, LAGO PIM offers a unique variant model that allows to distinguish data on any level from a global to a local view. 


Built in Digital Asset Management for easy access throughout your production

LAGO DAM app provides digital media asset management fully embedded into the LAGO production suite. Every application of LAGO has direct access to LAGO DAM to either import or export assets, modify the asset or its metadata, utilize an asset workflow of LAGO Workflow or to assign assets to other objects in the system such as products or documents 

Digital product placement with direct integration into the graphics program

The LAGO Whiteboard is the main module for efficient and effective printed advertisements for drafting and filling pages rapidly even without layout experience. The results are available in InDesign as a layout document for the creative team (graphics department), whether they are in the office or offsite. The pages can then be processed professionally for printing. Whiteboard is also the ideal bridge to involve or even integrate product or category management in the marketing production process. 

Whiteboard - Lago

Proofing tool that uses proofing marks to ensure smooth communication between departments.

As InDesign documents are saved in LAGO, a proof of the page is automatically generated for all users to mark-up and review in our new browser based HTML5 LAGO Proof solution. Proofs are accessible through the LAGO jobs list or standard document list and are a part of the integrated LAGO workflow with permission-based control for accessibility and task allocation. When proofs are opened in proofing area, a set of easy-touse commentary tools are made available for each user to mark-up changes directly to the proof. 

Transformative Business Benefits with Lago

Market Agility

Quickly adapt and deploy marketing strategies to meet changing market demands and consumer preferences.

Data-Driven Decisions

Harness powerful analytics for insights that inform smarter, more effective marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Create personalized marketing experiences that resonate with audiences, increasing engagement and loyalty.

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