Retail Merchandising

Go beyond your ERP limitations to simplify category managers’ tasks, save time, and deliver better results

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These are the Results our Solutions of Tools, People and Methodologies Delivers


Sales growth from 3 - 5%

Through prioritized and quantified assortment recommendations

tive saved

30% - 40% time saved

Through predictive recommendations and report automations


Up to 15% inventory decrease

Through predictive recommendations and inventory alerts


0.5 - 1% increase in margin

Through predictive recommendations and advanced margin analytics

Rising Complexity In Retail

Creates new challenges

retail complexity in retail

Retail Business Benefits


- Gains management
- Priorities management

Retail best practices

- Integrate world leading retailers best practices
- Training, implementation and follow up by retail experts


- Assortment clusters management
- Assortment recommendations
- Market data integration


- Processes drive capabilities
- Inventory & margin control


- Workflows
- To Do’s monitoring
- Working processes integration

Time saving

- To Do’s recommendations
- Automated reports
- Build complex analyses in minutes


- Working processes across all BU
- 100% omni-channel
- Common language

Another Approach Is to Use Predictive Analytics

To increase decisions & organization performances

Crunch Data

- Bring together internal and external data
- Create a profit hub in a fraction of the time

Build the story

- Logic patterns automatically identify the profit store from data
- Each profit story is automatically quantified and prioritised

Take action

- Automated tasks ensure consistent execution
- Workflows & processes can support their execution

Standard BI, KPI and exception-based reporting are no longer enough.
Look are predictive analytics to move ahead and capitalize on your big data

TRF Index Creates 4 Critical Tools

To support actions & teams efficiency


Quantified metrics (sales, stock margin,…) above or under which a call to action is generated and brought to users.

To do

Automatic recommendations generated by the system. actions and gains are quantified.


Series of actions to be performed by the Retailer’s Teams to execute and implement a decision.


Online reports, exportability reports, automated presentation. (CSV, Excel, PowerPoint)

4 Reasons to Work with Us

Enables quick & accurate view of business performances


We leverage technology to deliver teams simple answers to complex questions


We build on our client’s existing successes to deliver adapted and implemented solutions



In addition to increased business performances, we provide significant income for data sharing!


In a fast-changing environment, we are “All Hands-on Deck”, all the time

Boost Merchandise Team Efficiency
With Predictive Analytics & Automation

Boost Merchandise Team Efficiency With Predictive Analytics & Automation

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