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Let’s Take A Step Back with Eric Poiret

April 18, 2024/

Trajectory 1. Looking back at your previous experiences, how have they shaped your approach to retail and leadership?  Over time, experiences and continuous learning shape one’s approach. I’ve gained a solid understanding of the industry, yet personal development remains crucial. Agility is key, especially in…

The Benefits of Multi-Retailers Data Hub

April 2, 2024/

​​  The retail landscape has undergone a dramatic shift. Traditionally, suppliers relied on point-of-sale (POS) data purchased from individual retailers to monitor their own and their competitors’ performance and understand category and shopper dynamics. However, the game has changed. Retailer data has become a near-commodity,…

Let’s Take A Step Back with Malika Ait El Mouden

March 21, 2024/

General Career Trajectory  Along the way, I have come across competent and caring people who have shown me the way to develop my learnings. My experience at Emirates Airline in Dubai, in a team of 45 different nationalities, was a revelation to me of what…

From Multi to Omnichannel Retailing

March 12, 2024/

In today’s dynamic retail landscape, both omnichannel and multichannel strategies are frequently used to reach customers. However, despite their growing popularity, confusion often surrounds the subtle but crucial differences between these two approaches. This article aims to demystify these concepts, exploring their core principles and…

Beyond the Canvas: How Category Tactics Bring Your Retail Story to Life

January 14, 2024/

In our previous piece, we explored the fascinating concept of category roles – how they shape the narrative of your store, both online and offline. We saw how assigning roles like “Destination”, “Traffic Driver”, or “Convenience” helps you curate a compelling customer experience. But the…

Retail Blinks Series: Optimize Your Brand’s Range

October 28, 2023/

Optimize Your Brand’s Range Manufacturers often miss growth opportunities with their retailer through this one factor: Their Brand’s Range.Shelf space has always been considered a key driver of sales and brand awareness – at least against competing brands. However,… With major Shopper behavior changes during…

Microservice Paradigm Shift

August 15, 2023/

The Paradigm Shift: Microservices Architecture and the Rise of B2B Software Marketplaces – How can it make Retail Players life easier? There is no perfect software solution. There will always be one or several missing functionalities or features. Because of costs, data governance, internal tech…

Increase your data collaboration’s ROI

July 5, 2023/

Data Collaboration is a term used when a retailer exchanges its data (most often POS, sometimes Loyalty and Web) with a vendor against financial retribution. It is now an established practice. Beyond additional income, are you maximizing its ROI through noticeable increased sales growth? If…

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