Retail Golden Quadrant

Low Hanging Fruits in Sales, Income, Cashflow & Efficiencies

When all retailers are working hard to capture decreased spending from their customers, success hinges
on maximizing sales, streamlining operations, and ensuring a healthy cash flow.

While there’s no magic bullet, a strategic focus on three key areas can quickly yield significant
benefits: assortment rationalization, planogram optimization, automatic replenishment, and data

These strategies, often referred to as the “retail quadfecta,” are low-hanging fruits that can be grasped by
retailers of all sizes, delivering a powerful combination of increased sales, improved efficiencies, and
flourishing cash flow.

1. Assortment Rationalization: Streamlining Your Shelf Space

Imagine a supermarket or hypermarket with overflowing shelves stocked with every imaginable brand of
cereal. While it might seem like a haven of choice, this abundance can be overwhelming for customers
and ultimately lead to paralysis. Assortment rationalization tackles this head-on by focusing on a curated
selection of products that resonate most with your target audience.

  • Benefits:

o Reduced Dead Stock: By eliminating slow-moving items, you free up valuable shelf space
and reduce the amount of capital tied up in unproductive inventory. This translates to
lower storage costs and the ability to invest in higher-demand products.

o Improved Sales: A streamlined assortment makes it easier for customers to find what they need, leading to a more positive shopping experience and potentially increased basket sizes.

o Sharpened Focus: Focusing on core products allows for better analysis of customer buying habits and targeted promotions for maximum impact.

Where we can help:

Hypertrade’s Machine Learning Driven Assortment Optimization algorithm delivers quantified rationalization scenarios in minutes, using shoppers’ segmentation and their behaviors at the core of its selection.

2. Planogram Optimization: The Art of Shelf Placement

Planograms are the blueprints for your retail space, dictating how products are positioned on shelves
and displays. Strategic planogram optimization goes beyond aesthetics, influencing customer behavior
and ultimately driving sales.

  • Benefits:

o Impulse Purchases: By placing high-margin items at eye level and strategically positioning
complementary products together, you can nudge customers toward impulse purchases
and increase overall sales value.

o Traffic Flow Optimization: A well-designed planogram can guide customer flow
throughout the store, ensuring they encounter key product categories and maximizing
exposure to promotional items.

o Improved Inventory Management: Effective planograms consider product size and
weight, minimizing wasted space, and ensuring optimal product visibility.

Where we can help:

  • OPENCatman is a simple though impressively efficient and effective solution to build your
    planograms collaboratively.

3. Automatic Replenishment: Taking Inventory Management on Autopilot

Gone are the days of manual inventory checks and scrambling to prevent stockouts. Automatic
replenishment systems leverage technology to streamline the process, ensuring shelves are always
stocked with the right amount of product.

  • Benefits:

o Reduced Stockouts: Automatic reordering prevents stockouts, ensuring customer
satisfaction and preventing lost sales opportunities.

o Minimized Overstocking: The system considers past sales data and forecasts to prevent
overstocking, reducing storage costs and the risk of obsolescence.

o Improved Efficiency: Automating inventory management frees up staff time for other
crucial tasks like customer service or store maintenance.

Where we can help:
Q-Order’s auto-replenishment engine articulates several algorithms to optimize sales forecast, integrates all Planogram dimensions, manages multi-order and delivery flows and enables users to plan and manage external events.

4. Data Monetization

The times when retailers were sharing data through hard-to-use Excel files is over. Suppliers are now
looking for structured, actionable data insights and are ready to pay the right price for it.

  • Benefits:

o Additional Income: all income stemming from Data Monetization usually comes from
suppliers’ Global Sales and marketing budgets and comes as an addition to existing rebates
and fees. And it is pure additional profit.

o Common Language: By being transparent on sales performance across concerned
categories and shopper behaviors, retailers and suppliers are establishing a common
language that supports aligned decisions and results analyses.

o Stronger Supplier Collaboration: suppliers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in
their categories. A data Collaboration platform enables them to automatically generate
the analyses required by the retailer and empowers them to build the right Brands and
Categories strategies that will drive sales growth.

Where we can help:

Hypertrade’s Ariane Data Collaboration Platform empowers retailers to seamlessly share data and build
collaborative category and manufacturer growth strategies.

The Power of the Quadfecta: A Holistic Approach

The true magic lies in the synergy between these four strategies. Assortment rationalization ensures you
have the right products; planogram optimization positions them for maximum impact; and automatic
replenishment guarantees they’re always available, while data collaboration drives stronger support and
better growth strategies. This holistic approach delivers a multitude of benefits:

  • Increased Sales: By offering the right products in the right places and ensuring consistent
    availability, you create a frictionless shopping experience that encourages customers to buy more.
  • Improved Efficiencies: Streamlined inventory management frees up staff time and reduces
    administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on
  • Suppliers Support: From assortment rationalization to optimized planogramming and accurate
    demand planning, most suppliers are pursuing the same interests. They are more than often
    ready to support such initiatives.
  • Increased Additional Income: By streamlining structured data and insights exchange, you create a
    a collaborative approach that delivers better growth strategies and substantial additional income.


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