Why Siloed Retail Data is Costing You Sales (and How to Integrate It All)

Don’t Get Drowned in Retail Data. Get Ahead.

The ever-increasing volume and diversity of Retail data for CPG companies presents both a challenge and
an opportunity. At Hypetrade, we have developed Ariane 4S, a new-generation category management
platform, to help CPG companies unlock the full potential of their data stream. Ariane 4S is a Cloud
platform built around automated data enrichment and transformation engines that unlock the true
potential of every data point. Ariane 4S feeds real-time analytics that transforms multi-retail data sources
into actionable insights. Gain a scalable advantage in a market where knowledge is power.

In this article, we share what are the 5 challenges a CPG company must overcome to make the most of all
data points:

  1. Eliminate manual data entry.
  2. Integrate multiple data sources.
  3. Tackle data fragmentation.
  4. Build-in scalability.
  5. Provide real-time insights.

1. Eliminating Manual Data Entry

  • Reduce time & costs.
  • Reduce errors.

Manual data entry is time-consuming and prone to errors, which can lead to poor decision-making.
Hypetrade eliminates the need for manual data entry by automating the data ingestion process. Our
ensures your data is secured, captured, cleaned, and integrated seamlessly, allowing your
team to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making.

With Ariane 4S, just send us your retail data as they are, and we do the rest.

2. Integrating Multiple Data Sources

  • Market holistic view
  • Better customer understanding (personalization & targeting)

In addition to a granular understanding of each retailer account, the key to effective data utilization is
integrating multiple retailers’ data sources. We combine ERP, POS, and market data, this integration
provides a full view of the market, enabling better decisions and quick adaptation to changes.

Ariane 4S enables you to transform unlimited numbers of datasets and formats.

3. Tackling Data Fragmentation and Inconsistent Formats

  • Reduce data inconsistencies.
  • Improve decision-making.

Data fragmentation and inconsistent formats are major hindrances in decision-making. Added to data format diversity, they require both time and cost to be structured and aligned. By automating data ingestion, cleansing, and structuring, we not only save you a massive amount of time but also unify your diverse data sources into a consistent format.

Ariane 4S data transformation engines automatically enrich and structure your data and give you the ability to monitor and control all your data transformation stages.

4. Ensuring Seamless Growth with Scalable Data Solutions

  • Future-Proofed Data Management.
  • Cost-Effective Growth.

Our cloud-based architecture and infrastructure are built with scalability at its core. It means that whatever the size of your business might be, and how it evolves, the platform and its algorithms evolve with it. So large data volume increase is handled seamlessly, with no impact and speed and user experience.

Ariane 4S architecture and infrastructure use the latest technologies and tools to ensure the scalability is fully automated and does not affect either the user experience or processing speed.

5. The Power of Real-Time Insights

  • Agile Decision Making.
  • Improve Response Time.

Real-time data empowers CPG companies to make faster, data-driven decisions. When it is about
capturing opportunities or answering to the competition, adjusting a promotional strategy, optimizing
inventory levels in response to current demand, or adjusting range, every minute counts. All your retail
raw data from various sources are automatically transformed into real-time actionable insights.

Ariane 4S dashboards are automatically updated, and its built-in category management and retail smarts
analyses deliver the insights you need in seconds. And if you have your own existing category management platform, the transformed data and insights can be accessed instantly through API.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data and Retail Strategy

At Hypertrade, we understand that real-time data is just one piece of the puzzle. We combine our cutting
edge data solutions with deep category management and retail expertise to empower CPG companies to
not only see their data but also understand it and act on it strategically.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Actionable Insights: Our data scientists and category management specialists work together to
    translate raw data into actionable insights that drive growth.
  • Holistic Approach: We go beyond data to understand the retail landscape and consumer
    behavior, allowing you to optimize your strategies across the entire value chain.
  • Future-Proofed Solutions: Our scalable technology ensures you can handle growing data
    volumes and adapt to evolving market trends.

Are you ready to transform your data into a competitive advantage? Discover our Seamless Data Transformation Service.

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