Shwapno Selects Hypertrade’s Data Collaboration Platform to Empower Suppliers and Delight Customers

Shwapno, Bangladesh’s leading Modern Trade retailer with 490 stores, has announced a strategic partnership with Hypertrade. Through this collaboration, Shwapno will leverage Hypertrade’s Data Collaboration Platform to share valuable and actionable category performance and shopper insights with its suppliers.

Unveiling Granular Customer Insights for Stronger Partnerships

This partnership empowers Shwapno’s suppliers with a complete, actionable, granular, and accurate view of category performance and shopper behavior within Shwapno stores. Equipped with this data, suppliers can develop data-driven brand and category strategies alongside Shwapno. This collaborative approach will ultimately lead to a more delightful shopping experience for customers nationwide.

Shwapno’s Commitment to Innovation and Collaboration

The agreement reinforces Shwapno’s position as a leader in innovation, technology, and collaboration. By fostering a data-driven ecosystem, Shwapno benefits both suppliers and shoppers.

Highlighting the Partnership’s Value

  • Sabbir Nasir, Shwapno’s Managing Director: “Innovation and collaboration have always been at the core of Shwapno. As we enter a new growth phase, Hypertrade’s Data Collaboration Platform will be instrumental in helping us and our suppliers continuously improve our offerings for Bangladeshi shoppers.”
  • Frederic Etienbled, CEO of Hypertrade: “Since 2019, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Shwapno on various projects. We’ve witnessed their incredible progress and dedication to market improvement. This new step, leveraging technology for collaborative, customer-centric decision-making, feels like a natural progression in Shwapno’s journey.”

About Shwapno

Shwapno is Bangladesh’s leading Modern Trade retailer, operating 498 stores nationwide. The company is committed to providing customers with a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience through a wide range of products, competitive prices, and exceptional service.

About Hypertrade

Hypertrade is a retail tech company provides AI-powered software solutions to retailers and manufacturers to optimize their operations and customer engagement.

This partnership between Shwapno and Hypertrade signifies a commitment to leveraging data and collaboration to deliver superior value for businesses and, ultimately, delight Shwapno’s customers.

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