Hypertrade and OPENCatman join ends to elevate Retail Collaboration

Hypertrade, a leading retail software solution provider, and OPENCatman, a leading cloud-based collaborative planogram solution provider, today announced a strategic distribution agreement that will bring together their complementary retail and category management expertise and expand their reach to retailers and suppliers across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

“We are thrilled to partner with OPENCatman to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of retail solutions that address their needs from end to end,” said Frederic Etienbled, CEO of Hypertrade. “This alliance will provide retailers and suppliers with the tools they need to increase their collaboration to jointly optimize their product placement, improve customer engagement, and streamline their operations.”

“In an era where collaboration and execution are critical for retail success, OPENCatman is excited to partner with Hypertrade to expand our reach into the important markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa,” said Frederic Gautier, CEO of OPENCatman. “Our cloud-based collaborative planogram solution will complement Hypertrade’s existing offer and provide retail players with a complete solution for optimizing their store layouts and merchandising strategies.”

Complementing Expertise for Retail Collaboration

Hypertrade offers a suite of retail software solutions that help retailers and suppliers jointly manage their product assortment, optimize their product placement, and automate their promotion workflows. OPENCatman provides a collaborative cloud-based planogram solution that allows retailers to create and manage floor layouts, ensuring that products are displayed in the most effective and appealing manner.

This strategic alliance will combine Hypertrade’s expertise in category management, assortment optimization, and retail CRM with OPENCatman’s expertise in planogram creation and management. This combination will provide retailers and suppliers with a comprehensive suite of solutions that can help them:

· Increase product visibility and sales: OPENCatman’s planogram solution will help retailers optimize their product placement, leading to increased product visibility and sales.

· Improve customer engagement: Hypertrade’s CRM and Promotion workflows automation solutions will help retailers create personalized customer experiences, leading to improved customer engagement and loyalty.

· Streamline operations: OPENCatman’s planogram solution and Hypertrade’s other solutions will help retailers streamline their operations, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

A Commitment to Customer Success

Both Hypertrade and OPENCatman are committed to providing their clients with the best possible solutions and support. This alliance will allow both companies to leverage their strengths to deliver even greater value to their clients.

Words from the CEOs

“Collaboration between retailers and suppliers has been driving our software development and partners selection. In addition to being a simple and efficient solution, OPENCatman share the same philosophy about empowering retailers and their suppliers to jointly take decisions. We are confident that this strategic alliance will be a great success for both companies and their clients,” said Frederic Etienbled, CEO of Hypertrade. “We look forward to working closely with OpenCatman to bring our innovative solutions to a broader market.”

“I am excited to partner with Hypertrade to help retailers and suppliers achieve their retail objectives,” said Frederic Gautier, CEO of OPENCatman. “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing retail players with the best possible solutions to enhance their collaboration to increase operations’ efficiencies and customer satisfaction.”

This strategic alliance marks a new era of retail efficiency and customer satisfaction. By combining Hypertrade’s comprehensive retail software solutions with OPENCatman’ s planogram expertise, retailers and suppliers will have the tools and seamless experience they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.

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