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Shopper Insights must be integrated into each Category, Brand or Sales Strategies: they are just critical for every Teams. In this blog, we provide a simple and practical approach to understand these insights, decode their meaning and translate them into practical actions. A must-know for Sales, Category, Marketing and Insights Teams

Step 1: Identify My Brand Challenges


  • Identify if we have traffic challenges by using the Number of Baskets KPI
  • Identify if we have spending challenge by using Value per Basket KPI


  • Select the periods to compare
  • For Traffic challenges identification, we will be comparing My Brand’s Number of Baskets
  • For Spending challenges identification, we will be comparing My Brand’s Value per Basket

Identify Opportunities

  • Conclude whether I have the challenge in Traffic or Spending

Step 2: Identify The Scenarios


  • Identify why my brand lost shoppers: lost to other brands, or category Traffic decreased, or store traffic decreased
  • Identify why Shoppers spend lesson my brand: spend less oncategory level or store level


  • Review brand switching to identifycompetitors who gained my Shoppers
  • Review category & store traffic, whichimpact my brand’s penetration
  • Review Shoppers’ wallet share & valueper basket, which has consequences onmy brand’s spending

What needs to be done

  • Identify what impacts my brand’s performance: traffic or spending
  • Which competitors caused my brand to lose its Shoppers
  • What amount are my shoppers ready to spend to purchase this type products

Step 3: Select The Right Action Plan


  • Gain my Shoppers back
  • Drive my brand’s traffic
  • Increase my brand’s spending


  • Review my brand’s promotion performance & activities
  • Review my brand’s innovation & newitems
  • Review my products’ availability &visibility

What needs to be done

  • Build up solid promotion plans: drive traffic or increase spending
  • Launch new items
  • Propose cross merchandising: display or selling
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