Retail Blink Series: Building Winning Customer Segments

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Retail Blinks is a series of short, simple and practical insights and guidelines for retailers and manufacturers on how to improve business performances with data.

How to Create a Winning Customer Segment

Many countries are sadly in a dire situation.

Bringing back shoppers to (physical or digital) stores is critical during the lockdown as well as after the lockdown.

Because each customer is different, your CRM tool needs to help you build offers tailored to their different behaviours.

Here are some ideas on how to use your CRM to create a winning customer segment-product fit:

Customer Segment Selection

Of course, customer selection must be consistent with the expected objective.

For example:
‣ Basket variation-based segmentation
‣ Frequency variation-based segmentation
‣ Category share of wallet-based segmentation

Your CRM will tell you the financial weight of each segment so you can select.

Category Fit

For your selected segment, let your CRM analyze its customers behaviours and tell you which categories will be best to be promoted.

For example:
‣ Penetration based ranking
‣ Share of wallet-based ranking

Product Fit

For your selected category, ask your CRM to give you at least 2 options:

‍‣ Product penetration-based selection
‣ Past promotion shares of wallet-based selection

Your CRM should give you the sales forecasts so you can optimize your choice.

All this can be easily done in Ulys CRM

Ulys CRM is a Customer behaviours Analytics platform designed by retailers for retailers.

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