Retail Blink Series: Driving Effective Promotions

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Retail Blinks is a series of short, simple and practical insights and guidelines for retailers and manufacturers on how to improve business performances with data.

Driving Effective Promotions is a difficult task

And it can be quickly conflictual. Our “3 Layers Approach” can help. Here is how it works.

20 years ago, in Tokyo, sitting in front of the Coca-Cola Japan Team, I was asking them for a huge discount on a purchase price so I could compete with some of our competition’s weekly “Chirashi”.

To my Big surprise, they said “Yes if we can agree on a 3 layers promo plan”

I have since kept these 3 promotion layers as a guideline when building a Promotion Plan

Number Promos, duration and frequency by layers will always vary.

And the “everyone needs to get a Win” will always strangthen sales and collaboration.

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Retail shorts is a series of practical practice sharing Hypertraders could learn, capture, implement and monitor across the diversity of our Clients.

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